leafGuidelines to Become a Service Line Installer

A. Please provide the District with your firm name, address and phone numbers and e-mail addresses of key personnel.

B. The District requires a minimum of three verifiable government (local government, water and sanitation district, etc.) references in which your firm has successfully installed water services and sewer services. Please include organization name, contact name, contact title and phone number.

C. The District requires a one million dollar general liability insurance policy naming the Perry Park Water and Sanitation District as an additional insured certificate holder.

D. Provide the District with the service address of the property where the water and sewer services will be installed.

E. The District’s standards and specifications are below.

F. Upon receipt of the requested information, the District will schedule an introductory meeting with the Contractor.


Service Line Installer List

PPWSD Standards and Specs Part 1

PPWSD Standards and Specs Part 2

Hydrant Policy