What is wastewater (sanitary sewer)?

Why does wastewater have to be treated?

Why are wastewater services always the same amount each bill?

Where does our wastewater go?

Where does the discharge from the wastewater treatment plants go?

Who maintains the wastewater service pipelines?

What if I have sewer odor in my house?

What is a main sewer (wastewater) line?

How to Avoid Sewer Backups (what not to put down the drain)

How can we prevent a sewer backup in our home?

Who is responsible for the sewer (wastewater) pipeline maintenance?

What items should NEVER go down the drain or into a toilet?

Who cleans up a backup sewage mess in my home?

Are there any insurance options to protect us from backup damage?

What should we do if we have a sewer backup in our home?

How does the District maintain its main sewer (wastewater) pipeline?

How do I dispose of hazardous household chemicals?